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Can You Get Into A Big Firm Only With Reference?

“You can get into a big firm only with references”. Is it true?

First of all, references help only till the interview bench, rest is upon the CANDIDATE’S SKILL SET.

But are references the only way to reach the interview desk? No, you already know all the ways- LinkedIn, Career pages etc. But do they work?

I’ll tell you my story. After my results, the very next day I along with 3 of my friends went to cyber city Gurgaon (I mean Gurugram) with our physical sets of CVs.

We went to the office of every big firm out there, and tried to meet the HRs through the reception help desk.

At some places, we were not even allowed to enter. We were clearly told that our physical CVs will not be entertained and will be thrown to the dustbin.

But still, we insisted them to keep a copy and tear them if they wish.

We were very well aware that this approach wasn’t going to work but still we went there and took back with us those AMAZING VISUALS OF OUR DREAM CORPORATES. After that visit, we were 100% sure of where we wanted to be.

Thereafter, we left no stone unturned and reached out to every possible connection and web portal for mailing our Resume.

30 days down the line we all got interview calls from almost all the firms without any references and landed in our dream corporates after a rigorous and determined effort of 1 month.

I just want to emphasize that if you have the RIGHT SKILL, WILL AND DETERMINATION, you will get that interview opportunity.

Be prepared with your CV highlighting the Relevant Skill Set to drive your interview around your strengths.


Archit Agarwal

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